Marisabel Espinal

Born and raised in Honduras, Central America, Mari

Marisabel helps the men of the IMPACT teams connect with the village children and families through engaging programs, games and educational activities. It’s on the children that the clean water has perhaps the greatest benefit. With a child dying every 15 seconds from water-related illness worldwide, the miracle of fresh water can transform a village’s future. School attendance rises as health improves. And without having to walk for a mile or more to retrieve water in jugs, children can focus on schoolwork and playtime that develops them socially and emotionally. As IMPACT brings clean water to these villages, they get to know the kids with Marisabel’s help. Her involvement and direction becomes a highlight of the project for many IMPACT team members.




The need for clean water in remote villages has been a main focus for Mari. Alongside the clean water system, an equally fabulous opportunity for showing the incarnational living of the Kingdom emerges — a beautiful portrayal of the Living waters lived out in a very organic way among the locals.

Between water projects, she serves full-time as Children’s Ministry Director  for a church in Tegucigalpa.

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