Arnoldo and Maria Elena Alvarez

Arnoldo Alvarez, and his wife, Maria Elena, are Hondurans who are serving their own people in Honduras through IMPACT.

Arnoldo grew up amidst material poverty on a remote mountain in south Honduras. Despite limited opportunities to ever leave that mountain for a better life, his godly parents taught him that nothing was impossible for God. Arnoldo soon saw evidence of that as doors were opened, with the help of U.S. missionaries, to a high school in another part of Honduras. After that, doors continued to miraculously open through God’s provision all the way through university, where he graduated as an agricultural engineer.  Upon getting his degree, Arnoldo pledged to dedicate his career to helping other people rise out of poverty, as others had helped him.

Since then, for 35 years, he has used his engineering career to help people in rural areas through agricultural counseling and microcredit in different parts of Honduras. For 26 years, he has worked installing water systems in rural villages with the help of teams from the United States and Canada.  In March 1987, he worked on his first water project through Wheaton College’s spring-break team in Cantoral, a totally abandoned community, and saw the immediate results in the locals’ material, emotional and spiritual lives. He also saw the lives of the visiting students changed as a result of the project. He decided that would be his life’s calling. Arnoldo has developed a working philosophy based on close relationships between the visiting team members and the Honduran locals that has a powerful effect.

Village Impact

To date, Arnoldo, through the teams’ help, has made an impact in approximately 400 villages of South, North and East Honduras, not only with water projects, but also with:

  • repairing and constructing homes
  • constructing classrooms and homes for teachers and pastors
  • constructing and repairing roads
  • constructing churches
  • developing agricultural projects
  • helping establish grade-school, high-school and university scholarships for students in rural areas
  • working with medical and dental brigades




Community Needs

In short, he helps with whatever the expressed needs of the respective communities are.  But the greatest impact has been in the individual lives of the people as he’s help share the Gospel of the saving grace of Christ.

MARIA ELENA is Honduran, born and raised in a Chiquita-banana compound on the Caribbean coast.  She went to high school in Kansas, and later moved to Washington, D.C., for a permanent job in an international organization. However, upon her arrival, she had a personal encounter with Christ. Ten years later, she returned to Honduras, following God’s calling to use her bi-cultural, bilingual and administrative skills and her spiritual gifts to make a difference in the lives of her people. Upon her return, she worked among young girls, women and children. She met Arnoldo six years later, and they married in 1992, uniting their lives to serve the Lord together.

Maria Elena helps Arnoldo with the correspondence, finance and logistics of the projects and teams.



We invite you to join our ministry by:

  • bringing teams to work on projects.
  • sending funds for scholarships or other specific material needs.
  • contributing to our personal support so that we are able to continue our work in the villages of our country.

We greatly appreciate your prayers for Arnoldo’s safety as he travels to the villages and for the fruitful multiplication of the work and the gospel.

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